[CAF] CAF development roadmap

Richard Dice rdice at pobox.com
Mon Aug 15 20:20:29 EDT 2005

>>The particular driver I believe I am using is Apache::Session::DB_File,
>>which uses some kind of Berkeley DB structure to create session files, one
>>DB file per session. 
> Hmm, the files I found were a bunch of zero sized lock files and a DB
> sessions.database file.  You want to guess again ;)

Then it's one big sessions.database db file and a bunch of lockfiles
that are each named after the session ID keys in the database.

>>There is no "automatic session management smarts" in CAF (or
>>cgi::application::mvcframework, or anything else).  The best way to do it
>>would be to change the storage mechanism to a database (e.g. Mysql),
>>construct the session table such that there is a timestamp column on it,
> Eek!!!  No f-ing way am I gonna use MySQL to hold my sessions.

Sorry, maybe I need some education on this point -- what's wrong with
mysql for sessions?

The good thing about databases is that you can annotate the sessions
with other columns in the row in ways that you can otherwise manipulate
with SQL, which is handy, given that sessions are nearly opaque
structures.  (e.g. delete from sessions where user_id = 12345;)

> I do agree on the cron/daemon thingy for deleting old sessions, though.  It
> looks like every session since Mar is still sitting in LPI's app.  No big
> deal it's only about 500-ish.

Right.  For low-load systems it's not a big deal, which is why I wasn't
too concerned about setting things up this way when I did originally.


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