[CAF] anonymous sessions?

Richard Dice rdice at pobox.com
Sat Aug 27 07:40:01 EDT 2005

dzabka wrote:
> no problem re the donut, i'm no good with names and thus can't recall
> who was there.  if it jogs your memory, i'm the nut who won $copy[0]
> of damian's _perl best practices_...  ;-)

This, I remember. ;-)  Sorry, I should have picked it up from your email

> i should note that this is my first foray into a public project.  i've
> long admired perl for it's community but until now have not
> contributed anything personally.  i figured it's time to get out there
> and do something.  so here i am.

It's a pretty remarkable community.

Please email the list with whatever questions/comments you have re: the
codebase.  I'll do my best to help out.


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