[CAF] CAF website

Michael Graham magog at the-wire.com
Tue Nov 1 14:15:18 EST 2005

> Michael Graham <magog at the-wire.com> writes:
> > If someone has more feature-rich webspace somewhere, I would be
> > delighted to relocate the site.  (And if that someone also wants to
> > maintain the web content, that would be super-nifty too :)
> I can take care of all or some of that.
> We could host it on the linux.ca server.

Works for me!  I'm assuming we can set up a proper virtual host for the
site?  At the moment the domain is parked and redirecting to a
subdirectory on another site of mine.

Anyway, if you provide me with access I can copy the data over.  Or if
you like, you can just steal the content yourself, set up the virtual
host, and then let me know where to point the DNS.

> Also, I've setup a few drupal instances on there.  If you want a more
> "dynamic" web site, I could set up an instance of that, too.

There is a certain irony in hosting the site for a Perl web framework on
a PHP-based CMS.  Or maybe it's shame.

I do eventually want to steal a lot of features from Drupal (e.g. its
taxonomy).  So maybe it would be worthwhile to host our site on a Drupal
instance for now, so that we are daily taunted by it.  On the other hand,
we could use a CGI::App-based CMS instead (such as Rubric or Krang).  
But if it were up to me, I'd stick with the wiki for now and not
complicate things.

> One caveat, the system will be coming down sometime this year to replace a
> harddrive (no worries, it's RAIDed).

If we are talking about a lot of downtime, then maybe we should wait. If
it will only be a couple of hours, then I don't think it's a big deal.


Michael Graham <magog at the-wire.com>

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