who's doing what? (was Re: [CAF] CAF development roadmap)

G. Matthew Rice matt at starnix.com
Thu Oct 20 11:17:43 EDT 2005

Michael Graham <magog at the-wire.com> writes:
> Hmmm..  This may work if you just omit the quotes on the run mode
> parameter, i.e:
>     <!-- T_V NAME="cgiapp_embed('name_of_runmode')" -->
>     <!-- T_V NAME="cgiapp_embed(name_of_param_containing_runmode)" -->
> This kind of thing is definitely doable with Template Toolkit and
> HTML::Template::Dot.

Last question, I promise.

Coming from a Mason world and only using H::Template and T::Toolkit a small
number of times over the years, is the a _best_ templating system to use?

For instance, T::T seems like overkill for CAF.

Biased opinions are welcome ;)

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