who's doing what? (was Re: [CAF] CAF development roadmap)

Richard Dice rdice at pobox.com
Thu Oct 20 11:52:56 EDT 2005

> Coming from a Mason world and only using H::Template and T::Toolkit a small
> number of times over the years, is the a _best_ templating system to use?
> For instance, T::T seems like overkill for CAF.
> Biased opinions are welcome ;)

CAF can use either / any of H::T, T::T, or Foo::Foo, as long as there is a
CAP::AnyTemplate driver for it.

As for "best", well...

I've never used T::T.  I'm wary of the power it provides right in the template
as that stuff tends to get rapidly abused to the point that conceptual lines
between M, V and C are broken quickly.  (Ditto as my objection to Mason, PHP,
ASP, CF, etc.)

H::T isn't bad.  It's minimalistic, but maybe it's the right set of minimalism.
 Sure, it doesn't do all the nice stuff that T::T does... *and that's the whole
point.*  Sorry, hate to say it, but too much power detracts from design and
leads to laziness.  Being Perl programmers perhaps we naturally like this state
of affairs / tend towards it, but given a powerful language that doesn't enforce
control, we have to learn how to control ourselves in other ways.

H::T::Magicdot could work out even better for it, as it brings the one most
desired piece of syntactic supersugar from T::T over to H::T.


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