[CAF] getting started with CAF

Olaf Alders olaf at vilerichard.com
Mon Oct 31 14:30:38 EST 2005


I'm planning to test out CAF on some new stuff that I need to build.   
I've got a site set up a drill down directory of listings.  Using  
CAF, I'd like to add the member area for updating listings etc.  The  
way I understand it, until anonymous sessions are included in CAF, I  
can only use it to power the member area, but I can't use it for  
member sign up.  Once anonymous sessions are included, I'll be able  
to use it for the member area as well as the signup.  Is this correct?

The front end directory itself has very specific URLs and I can't  
embed any session info into them -- I actually wouldn't want to.   
Does this mean that I need a different application for the public are  
and a CAF setup for the member area?  I don't see that as a huge  
issue, but I like to keep my configuration info in one place.  I  
think there was some talk of this on Saturday at the meeting but I  
didn't catch all of it -- am I right in assuming that there won't be  
any support added in future for using CAF without any kind of sessions?


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