[CAF] getting started with CAF

Richard Dice rdice at pobox.com
Mon Oct 31 15:11:39 EST 2005

> I'm planning to test out CAF on some new stuff that I need to build.   
> I've got a site set up a drill down directory of listings.  Using  
> CAF, I'd like to add the member area for updating listings etc.  The  
> way I understand it, until anonymous sessions are included in CAF, I  
> can only use it to power the member area, but I can't use it for  
> member sign up.  Once anonymous sessions are included, I'll be able  
> to use it for the member area as well as the signup.  Is this correct?

That sounds right.

> The front end directory itself has very specific URLs and I can't  
> embed any session info into them -- I actually wouldn't want to.   
> Does this mean that I need a different application for the public are  
> and a CAF setup for the member area?  I don't see that as a huge  
> issue, but I like to keep my configuration info in one place.  I  
> think there was some talk of this on Saturday at the meeting but I  
> didn't catch all of it -- am I right in assuming that there won't be  
> any support added in future for using CAF without any kind of sessions?

There is a difference between CAF not having sessions of any kind and session &
checksum info not being included in URL params.  The former won't happen, but
the latter should be do-able right now with the proper parameters being called
to $self->make_link (and eventually $self->link once CAP::LinkIntegrity is
integrated into the framework).  I forget how this would be done, though -- I
suggest investigating the source code for "sub make_link" to see what params are
needed in order to pull this off.

Does this sound like it would answer your question?


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