[CAF] Proposed 0.27 release of CAF

G. Matthew Rice matt at starnix.com
Thu Feb 9 09:50:37 EST 2006

Olaf Alders <olaf at vilerichard.com> writes:
> I'm getting this error:
> olaf$ p4 integ -b caf-main-to-scratch-olaf
> Client 'olaf' unknown - use 'client' command to create it.

Ah, you need some environment variables set.  In this case, P4CLIENT.

You seem to have 3 to choose from as of last night :)

  matt at brando:~/p4/lpi$ p4 clients|grep olaf
  Client olaf-caf 2005/10/29 root /Users/olaf/p4-caf 'Created by olaf. '
  Client p4-caf 2006/02/08 root /Users/olaf/Documents/p4-caf 'Created by olaf. '
  Client test-caf 2006/02/08 root /Users/olaf/Documents/p4-caf 'Created by olaf. '

just do: export P4CLIENT=...

> Any tips?  I'm obviously new to this stuff!

If you are reusing an old one and there's any possibility that you were doing
things to files without telling perforce, you should remove the entire
directory (or copy it out of the way) and do:

        p4 sync -f

but you do have one file opened in the 'olaf-caf':

  matt at brando:~/p4/lpi$ p4 opened -a|grep olaf
  //depot/caf/dev/i18n/Changes#1 - edit default change (text) by olaf at olaf-caf

If you're going to use that workspace and you're going to do the 'sync -f',
you should 'p4 revert //...' first to 'unedit' the file.

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