[CAF] Bug in Framework::login -- no error processing?

Eric Lyons eric at gus.to
Thu Feb 9 14:31:29 EST 2006

Trying to debug why the Example code doesn't display errors on the login page, I traced into CGI::Application::Framework::login to 

    $self->log->debug("At top of 'login' subroutine / run mode ");
    # ------------------------------------------------------------------
    # Note that the '_errs' param will be populated if there was
    # an error with the processing of a login form submission; this is a
    # CGI::Application::Plugin::ValidateRM ->check_rm method thing,
    # called from within the 'cgiapp_prerun' subroutine.  There are
    # tmpl_var fields within the .tmpl loaded below that correspond to
    # the entries named in $err.  After reading it, unset it so that
    # it isn't polluted with information the next time this sub is
    # accessed.
    # ------------------------------------------------------------------
    my $errs = shift || $self->_param_read_and_unset('_errs');
    $self->log->debug("\$errs is: " . Data::Dumper->Dump([$errs],[qw(*errs)]));

and indeed, $errs is set correctly, but there's no use of this variable in the rest of the login subroutine.  I.e., %tmplvars never 
gets set with anything.
It would appear it needs something after:

    foreach my $hash ( $self->_login_tmpl_params() ) {
        while ( my ($key, $value) = each %$hash ) {
            $tmplvars{$key} = $value;

while ( my($key,$value = each %$errs ) {
    $tmplvars{$key} = $value;

My file version says 0.26.


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