LPI-News March 2002

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Hello and welcome to the March 2002 LPI-News Letter.


1; New Board of LPI
2; CeBit in Hannover, Germany
3; LPI-Europe
4; Test taking tips
5; Volunteer of the month- Dimitrios Bogiatzoules
6; LPI offers Sair LCAs the opportunity to become LPIC-1

LPI had it's annual meeting to elect the new board.

New Board of LPI;

 Chuck Mead
 Evan Liebovitch
 Gen Narui
 Jared Buckley
 Kara Pritchard
 Jim Lacey
 Jon 'maddog' Hall

Tom Peters from Amsterdam resigned from the board after 2 and a half
years.  Tom was one of the leaders of LPI from the very beginning, and
will be missed.  He promises to keep in touch, but says he needs some
relaxation after the busy time he's had with LPI.

We are pleased to let you know that Jon 'maddog' Hall will replace Tom
on the board - and look forward to working with him going forward.
Welcome on board - maddog.

LPI at CeBIT, in Germany.

Hannover was cold and damp, but inside the 27 CeBit buildings it was
warm and busy and there were participants from all over the world
taking part in the biggest IT show in the world.
LPI had a booth, and we spoke to many people about LPI and Linux in 
IBM and Mandrake helped to sponsor a testing centre and we offered
inexpensive exams.  People came from all over Europe to take LPI exam


At the CeBit show, we attempted to put together a working group to 
help LPI grow in Europe.
A meeting was held with interested parties from all over Europe, and a
mailing list has been set up to help with European issues.  The chairman
of the working group is Peer Heinlein and vice chairman is Torsten
If you would like to participate in LPI-Europe working group, please let
us know; info at lpi.org

Test Taking Tips

The following test taking tips are general ideas regarding preparation
for your exams.

a. Be relaxed and well rested, learn the materials in advance
See the objectives for the LPI exams at; 

b. Maintain a positive attitude.

c. Read all test instructions before you start, and read each question
thoroughly before you answer.

d. Concentrate on one qustion at a time, don't panic - if your mind
goes blank, go on to the next question calmly.

e. Ensure you know where the test centre is, take the address with you.
Arrive a few minutes early so you are calm and ready to begin.

Volunteer of the Month;
Dimitrios Bogiatzoules (otherwise known as Taki).

Taki has done a lot of work on the German LPI site, and helps when
ever he can to keep it up to date. He has been very helpful in this

Taki was born in Germany and got his first computer in 1982 
(a Sinclair/Timex ZX 81) and since then these machines are always 
around him (Sinclair Spectrum, Atari Mega ST, AMD 386/DX40, 
alpha XL233 ....). 
He says "I've been using Linux since 1995, when
I installed my first slackware, mostly for allkind of servers.
Nowadays I am a employee of "Deutsche Telekom AG".
I am an "Indusry Master of Eletrical Engineering" and responsible
for about 20 technicians which build and run leased line based

I started with my LPI certification on Sep 2000 (1A Beta) and 
succesfully completed my LPIC-2 exam on Oct 2001. 
I've been looking for a possibility to give some efforts back 
to the linux community.
I found my place in LPI and started with translation work an Nov 2001.

Last but not least, I'm married (Hi Suzy!) and have 3 lovely
children (Iris, 8;Moritz, 5 and Kilian, 3 years old), who will
grow up using linux!"

Thank-you, Taki, for your constant efforts on LPI's behalf.

Sair LCAs can become LPIC-1 by taking just 1 Level 1 exam;

As mentioned in last month's newsletter, LPI is offering all Sair LCAs 
the opportunity to become LPIC-1 by taking just 1 LPI level 1 exam
(either 101 or 102). 
If any Sair LCA would like to become LPIC-2, LPI will waive the Level
1 requirement.

Please contact us if you are interested in participating in this offer.

If you have any questions, thoughts or ideas - please contact us.
info at lpi.org

Wilma Silbermann
Executive Assistant
wilma at lpi.org
905 874 4822

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