Show the certificat online with an URL ?

Charles Galpin charles at
Fri Dec 5 22:21:18 EST 2003

Hi Jack

On Dec 5, 2003, at 6:34 PM, Jack Coates wrote:
> alright, that inspired me to finally try to register for the new 
> site...


> unfortunately, it wants information that doesn't exist in my score
> report (site). Of course I know what city I took it in, but the CGI app
> doesn't like any of the variations I can think of to give it.

send an email to info at, and wilma will take care of you.

> On another note, this thing should be able to find us by name and LPI
> number, since those are both available on a resume or the shiny card in
> my wallet.

The choice of using your LPI ID and a verification code was done for 
security/privacy.  You may wish to control who can lookup your info.


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