Level 3

Jason Richey jasonr at bomis.com
Wed Jul 2 15:30:56 EDT 2003

Jack Coates wrote:

> All in all, I'm more concerned with LPIC-3 being out in a timely fashion
> and with stellar quality than I am with naming of the certification
> levels.

Is there any ACTIVE development going on for Level 3?  I've subscribed
to the security mailing list (which seems mostly inactive), but
haven't seen any other sort of attempt at organization of the Third

I think that the LPIC levels 1 and 2 have their merits, but I would
guess that a lot of people would decide against taking (or recognizing
someone who has taken) a 3 level certification track that has only 2
levels ready for public consumption and is making no apparent progress
toward the third level.

Please don't think that I mean to belittle LPI.  On the contrary, I am
impressed by the progress that LPI has made over the years, and I
think that the certifications are of high quality.  The website seems
far more professional and organized.  I just want to see LPI move
forward on LPIC-3

"Jason C. Richey" <jasonr at bomis.com>

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