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Thu Jul 3 03:11:32 EDT 2003

AHHH.  I get it now.  Thanks.  He had emailed me separately to ask how 
he could get involved with the I make the connection!  I 
haven't seen these, so I will go check them out now.

Thanks, Torsten.  To the rescue as usual. 

Still need a few more testimonials, folks!!


Torsten Scheck wrote:

>On 07/02/2003 10:14 PM, Stacy Gildenston wrote:
>>I apologize for not replying earlier.  I have sent this to the staff
>>list to get clarification on what we can do for you.  BUT...the people
>>working on the site already are a bit overwhelmed with requests (always
>>lots to do in the first week going live), so hang tight, and I will see
>>what I can do to get a clearer answer.
>>Let me clarify...are you looking for some sort of a style guide?  Or
>>just permission to use our logo and content through, for example, an
>>open source license?
>I guess, neither. He is just so kind to point out that our news and
>alumni sites based on phpWebLog don't use our new style:

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