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Ross E. Brunson ross at
Thu Jul 3 10:36:23 EDT 2003

> Are there any reasons this alumni website fell our of favor?  It would 
> help us understand what we could do better...and I'm still looking for 
> suggestions on what you would like to see from us.  I get the 
> impression 
> many of you would answer **Level 3**

Actually, Level 3 isn't very high on the priority scale, and I probably 
represent a fair number of alumni.  Of course we'd like to see the 
pyramid completed, but from a practical perspective, there are 
relatively few people who will undertake to get it.  I'd like to see 
Level 1 in particular become much more widely adopted, and Level 2 
benefit as well.

Using your pyramid analogy (and a very good one it is) the majority of 
the certifications will occur at Levels 1 & 2.  The largest set of certs 
will occur at the Level 1, as it becomes more of an industry standard 
and assumes it's rightful (and eventual) place as "the" benchmark for 
Linux knowledge.

Of those people, a good number will desire to further prove their 
increased skills by undertaking Level 2, which is, as someone else put 
so well, "an order of magnitude more difficult".  Great, that's as it 
should be, I am almost ready to take the exams myself.

Finally, of the subset of the majority that wants to prove their mad 
skills even more pointedly, some of the Level 2 people will want to 
accomplish Level 3.  A subset of a subset of a majority, if you will.

This "when's Level 3 coming out?" thing is not new by any means, I 
remember discussions about 3rd levels in other companies and times, and 
it's always a balance of how many will do it, what should it be and is 
it even economically feasible to undertake until you've grown to a 
certain level of market share. (I don't see LPI there yet, but in the 
next 9-12 months, yes).

I think LPI and the planners are doing great, we have a SOLID Level 1 
and 2, and we're becoming even MORE in tune with the needs of business 
and professionals.  Don't rush it out, though I can definitely 
understand how some of our folks would like to see it sooner than later.


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