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On Sat, 2003-06-28 at 13:05, rahim at wrote:
> With regards to your comment of where LPIC-x stands compared to X Y Z, I think
> its irrelavent, I think the education recieved and skills tested are on a
> totally different level,

Sure its relevant, most of my attendees want to know early on in class
where the LPIC levels fit into the marketplace, and in the battle for
minds and hearts of the IT workforce for Linux certification, it's all
about being more understandable and clear.  

I typically draw a chart on the whiteboard showing them about the same
information that William had in his table, but I correlate Microsoft,
Cisco, Comptia, Red Hat and LPI to give everyone a sense of reference.

> Because, its vendor neutral.  Because as
> as Linux Proffessionals we should be able to sit infront of any Linux Box and
> feel  right at home.  

I agree totally.  However, we're mostly a group of geeks and almost
inherently grok things because of who we are and our knowledge.  The
certification needs to make sense to us, obviously, but it REALLY needs
to make sense to the project leaders, hiring managers and others who we
hope to prove a metric of competency to.

> Take instance when I was studying for my LPIC-2 I used a
> P166 Toshiba Notebook running Slackware, Redhat and Knoppix.  I did everything
> CLI and because of knowing that enviroment I can always feel at home in CLI mode
> on any linux box.  

Of course you didn't neglect X, it's a good part of the objectives for
any certification... <grin>  Seriously, we use RH and Knoppix for most
things, and take a look at Mandrake, SuSE and UL for fun.  Now with the
ability to choose RPM or DEB exams for Level 1, it's really what you 
want to teach/learn and use.

> In terms of RHCE, I have talked with a few people who have their RHCE and would
> say that LPIC-2 is if not equal, more difficult than LPIC-2.  The readings that 
> I have come read some RHCE books, they seem to be heavily based on Redhat
> Configuration Tools  (CLI and GUI) so they are not testing the same knowledge
> base, 

You're definitely preaching to the choir here, I don't use RH 8/9 for
class, but use 7.3 or AS instead, they're much more stable and all the
utilities are actually named like the other distros, not that damn

You  make some very good points, just throwing in my 0.2.

> Anyway, Im done, let me know what you think.
> R.


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