Suggestions to LPI -- 2003+ RHCE is very difficult to pass due to new "sub-section" requirements

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at
Sun Jun 29 01:07:17 EDT 2003

On Sat, 2003-06-28 at 16:05, rahim at wrote:
> In terms of RHCE, I have talked with a few people who have their RHCE and would
> say that LPIC-2 is if not equal, more difficult than LPIC-2.

With the introduction of the RHCT, which was January 2003, Red Hat has
made it far more difficult to pass.  Each section now has a "compulsory"

Case-in-point, even a 94% score on the RHCE will _fail_ you if you
didn't get 70% in several parts of the the installation section (III),
or anything less than 100% on some of the troubleshooting section (I).

This is _exactly_ what happened to me on the RHCE before a re-grade. 
Despite getting 100% in all other sections, and near a 94% total, I got
a 67.7% in one sub-section of the installation section (III).

[ Luckily a regrade caught an error, which prevents two scores, which
lead to a 77.4% on that sub-section, and close to a 96% total.  I was
one of the first 50 to take the 9 exam the first week in May, so this
was not unexpected.  Especially since the exam is lab-based and the
semi-automatic grading system is not perfect.  The re-grade was manual.

-- Bryan J. Smith
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   LPIC-2 (including 2003 LPIC-1 exams)

P.S.  I posted an article on Linux certification in my WebLog here:

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