LPI suggestions -- stop comparing the RHCT/RHCE v. LPIC-1/2/3

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Sun Jun 29 12:44:54 EDT 2003

Hi Guys,

Would it be fair to say that vendor-based exams test ones knowledge and
practical use of a product while vendor neutral tests examine ones knowledge and
use of a technology.

That is, testing methodologies aside.


Quoting "Bryan J. Smith" <b.j.smith at ieee.org>:

> On Sun, 2003-06-29 at 07:12, William Cooper wrote:
> > Hopefully this table or something similar would provide the guidance people
> > need for Linux qualifications.
> I think trying to compare the RHCT/RHCE and LPIC-1/2/3 is ludicrious. 
> There former are lab-based exams, the latter are computer-administered
> exams.  Depending on how people take exams, one or the other may be more
> difficult.
> For example people with a lot of experience, but poor reading
> comprehension skills can easily get bested by a computer-administered
> exam, while passing a lab-based exam.  All Sun Solaris exams (SCSA,
> SCNA, SCSecA) are nitorious for doing this, and the LPIC-2s can be
> somewhat as well.
> In the same regard, someone who studies intensely, but has little to no
> experience, _can_ pass a computer-administered exam (probably the
> LPIC-1), but will fail _utterly_ even the "lowly" RHCT (especially the
> 100%/70% compulsory I/III sections).
> Note, I _will_ agree that the RHCE Section II, multiple choice, _is_
> "far easier" than _any_ LPI exam (or most other IT certification exams
> for that matter).  It's straight-forward and the overwhelming majority
> of people get an 85%+ on it (3 out of 4 that fail still do).  But that's
> only an extremely _minor_ part of the entire RHCE exam.
> So I believe we should stop trying to make "direct" comparisons of the
> RH and LPI programs.
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Rahim Khalil Virani


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