One Pager--request for feedback

Stacy Gildenston stacy at
Mon Jun 30 11:46:37 EDT 2003

Hi Folks,

Back to this one pager for bosses/HR types.  These are the original 
topics we'd planned to cover on that document:

-Professional, vendor independent cert for Linux sys admins, Linux is 
not about brand loyalty, real world/community includes many vendors, and 
so do we.
-"We don't make you smart, we just prove it", that discusses use of 
psychometrics, diligence in exam development
-Flexibility of training options can reduce costs
-A short description about our history (community, volunteers) and our 

I realize that this document isn't going to do everything, but do these 
content areas do *enough*?  Also, if anyone has any comments on the 
ordering of content, that would be appreciated.



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