LPI's RFC process is now official policy

Torsten Scheck torsten.scheck at gmx.de
Wed Oct 20 10:40:50 EDT 2004

Dear LPI community:

Some weeks ago I suggested to apply the well-known Internet
Requests For Comments [1] to LPI's decision making process.  My
initial proposal, how an "LPI RFC" could be embedded in LPI's
work flow, got a lot of positive and constructive feedback.

By following the procedure described in RFC0 (A Guide to Writing
RFCs and Getting Them Approved) [2], we successfully managed to
refine RFC0 in the community and get it approved by LPI's Board
of Directors. Or in other words: In order to understand
recursion, one must first understand recursion. :-)

While LPI has always build upon community initiative, it has
lacked an appropriate instrument, so far.  Many ideas got lost in
the mailing list archives, as we missed a formal procedure how to
follow up on them and how to reference them.

With LPI's RFC process we can always refer to former ideas and we
can more actively ask for new ideas. The decision making process
from an idea to an official policy is documented and it can be
easily reassessed.  The argumentation of declined RFCs remains
comprehensible and it can be reexamined when the environment has
changed. The distributed processing and the well-thought out work
flow speeds up decisions and supports action. And best of all, it
helps us to increase accountability and transparency.

I'm amazed by the effectiveness of the resulted process. It
provides solutions for problems which haven't even been on my
radar at first.  This is definitely a sign that the process is
open to the creative force of the community.

So, please, check out both existing and coming RFCs [3], comment
on them, and create one if there is an issue at stake.

Many thanks to G. Matthew Rice for picking up the LPI-RFC idea,
refining it and maintaining it as RFC0.


Internet RFC/STD/FYI/BCP Archives

RFC0 - A Guide to Writing RFCs and Getting Them Approved


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