January Newsletter

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Thu Mar 3 10:53:42 EST 2005

January Newsletter

1. LPI in Asia

2. LPI at OSDL Enterprise Linux Summit

3. Announcements

- Professional Exchange for Open Source Developers

- LPI contributes to Tsumani Disaster Relief

- First LATP in Bulgaria

- LPI website in Swedish

4. LPI in the Media

5. Events

6. New Staff

1. LPI in Asia

In January, Glenn McKnight, LPI Director of Business Development, 
traveled to Hong Kong, Beijing and Tokyo to meet with LPI 
representatives in the region.

In particular, LPI-China representatives were eager to outline their 
future commitments to making LPI successful in that country:

-translation of LATM open source courseware (developed by UNDP and 
LinuxIT) into Chinese

-work with 35 universities across China that are presently involved in 
IBM University Relationship Department to explore potential LATP status

-a direct email campaign to develop LPI alumni relations

-outreach program to private training schools

-full participation at IDG shows in Shanghai and Beijing including 
potential item writing workshops

-potential co-operation with ASIANUX distribution

In Japan, Mr. McKnight met with two separate companies which are 
interested in developing an alternative computer based testing system 
for government exams and would also like to involve LPI. He also met 
with the new LPI-Japan Office manager, Tanaka-san, who comes from the 
International Marketing Association in Japan and who has built the IMA 
substantially over the past 8 years.

2. LPI at OSDL Enterprise Linux Summit

In late January, LPI President, Evan Leibovitch and Mark Miller, Level 1 
Program Manager attended the Open Source Development Labs Enterprise 
Linux Summit in Burlingame, California.

LPI representatives attended to take a survey of summit participants on 
our certification program and to discuss possible joint initiatives with 
OSDL. This included meetings with the President of OSDL, Stuart Cohen, 
and members of the Free Standards Group and Debian. Mark Miller also 
intended valuable sessions on the Linux Standards Base which will inform 
future exam development activities.

3. LPI Announcements

Professional Exchange for Open Source Developers

Our LPI-US affiliate, the Open Source Software Institute, has created an 
interactive Professional Exchange for open source developers. All 
resumes should be sent to jobs at oss-institute.org and Job opportunities 
should be sent to helpwanted at oss-institute.org. At present they are 
seeking PHP developers and Account managers. Please send any questions 
or comments to John Weathersby at jmw at oss-institute.org.

LPI contributes to Tsumani Disaster Relief

LPI contributed $500 to Médecins Sans Frontiers (Doctors without 
Borders, http://www.msf.ca), a medical relief agency, following the 
December 26 earthquake and resulting tsunamis in South-East Asia. The 
donation was matched by the Canadian government.

First LATP in Bulgaria

In January, LPI-Bulgaria signed its first LATP agreement with Burgas 
Free University (www.bfu.bg). The University is considering offering its 
LPI training free of charge to its students as part of their IT bachelor 
degree program. For more information contact Stanimir Ivanov of 
LPI-Bulgaria (stan_at_fsa-bg.org).

LPI website in Swedish

In January, the LPI website also became available in Swedish. Volunteers 
Jens Johansson (LPIC1) and Jörgen Carlberg of Sweden have kindly 
volunteered their services for this effort. Many thanks to Jens and Jörgen!

4. LPI in the Media

¨Are Vendor Certifications Worth It?¨ Keith Winston, LXer.com (January 2005)

In the above online article the writer questions the value of vendor 
certifications and praises LPI:

¨...by focusing on a broad set of Linux administration skills, LPI has 
created a valuable certification not tied to a particular distribution...¨

For more information see 

Linux Magazine becomes PLATINUM SPONSOR of LPI

In January LPI announced that Linux Magazine 
(http://www.linux-magazine.com/) had become its most recent Platinum 
Sponsor. Linux Magazine is an independent, English-language magazine 
providing advanced Linux know-how to readers in over 100 countries. 
Linux New Media, publisher of Linux Magazine, is based in Munich, 
Germany, and is the world's leading supplier of Linux content.

see: http://www.lpi.org/en/news_item/94


http://www.linux-magazine.com/ (about half way down the front page)

5. LPI Events

LinuxWorld Canada Conference & Expo 2005

April 18-20, 2005
Metro Toronto Convention Centre, North Building
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Conference Booth and Exam Lab

For more information visit www.linuxworldcanada.com

LPI Exam Development Workshop In Essen, Germany, February 16-19

LPI will be hosting a Level 2 exam development workshop in Essen, Germany.
Exam development workshops have previously been held in St. Louis and
China for Level 1 question formulation (item writing). The Essen workshop
will be the first for Level 2 question writing, review and quality
assurance and was organized by Dimitrios Bogiatzoules (Taki) of the LPI
exam development team and his fellow Board members of LPI-German.

The purpose of the German workshop is to populate the Level 2 question
pool selection with new items. The workshop will involve Linux specialists
from Brazil, the United Kingdom and Germany.

World´s Largest LPI Exam Lab

Recently, our friends at Afribiz in South Africa read of the 200 person 
exam lab which was held in Hong Kong in 2003. They decided to see if 
they could meet that challenge. Together with our affiliate in South 
Africa, The Shuttleworth Foundation, they will be hosting an exam lab 
near Johannesburg, South Africa on February 25, 2005. To date over 330 
people have registered to take LPI exams! Congratulations!

For more information see http://www.afribiz.co.za/lpiframe.html

FOSDEM Discounted LPI Exam Labs, Brussels, Belgium

The fifth Annual Free and Open source Software Developers' European 
Meeting will host discounted LPI Exam Labs on February 26-27, 2005 in 
Brussels, Belgium. Exams 101 and 201 will be available at a cost of 35 
euros per exam. Interested candidates should contact FOSDEM organizers 
at info_at_fosdem.org and be sure to obtain LPI IDs.

6. New LPI Staff:

Machtelt Garrels (Tille), Translation Coordinator

Tille will be responsible for coordinating the translation effort both 
for exams and for the web site.

Tille has recently obtained her LPIC1 and is a long time Linux sysadmin 
who is fluent in English, Dutch, and French with a working knowledge of 
Spanish and German. Tille is a volunteer with The Linux Documentation 
project, a regular contributor to LinuxJournal and LinuxMagazine and is 
presently employed with the Belgian railway company in the UNIX 
Competence Center.

Mark Miller, Level One Program Manager

Although Mark has been volunteering with LPI since last March, in 
January he joined us full time as the lead on LPIC1 exam development. 
Mark has worked with Linux since 1995 and was an electronics technician
and trainer for the US Navy where he created technical tests. A major 
focus of his work in LPIC1 exam development will be leading item writing 
workshops amongst our affiliate organizations to develop test questions.

Arlene MacFarlane, Media Relations

Late last fall Arlene began to assist LPI with media-related duties. 
Arlene is now responsible for creating and distributing all LPI media 
releases. Arlene has more than 20 years experience in communications, 
marketing and public relations, with a background in government, 
academic, private and non-profit sectors.

Arlene has her own communications and web design company in Dundas, 
Ontario, Canada.

Scott Lamberton
Director of Community Relations
Linux Professional Institute
Email: scottl at lpi.org
Web: http://www.lpi.org
Telephone: +1-416-666-1574

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