LPI at LinuxWorld Mexico February 14 -17, 2006

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LPI at LinuxWorld Mexico February 14 -17, 2006

LPI attended the first annual Linux World Mexico and hosted exam labs, a
trade show booth, and a special press conference on LPI's 30,000

LinuxWorld Mexico is part of the much larger annual trade show Expo Comm
Mexico.  LinuxWorld included the standard Linux exposition attendees as
HP, IBM, Novell, RedHat and a number of local Mexican companies
providing Open Source solutions.

LPI's delegation was led by by Jim Lacey, President and CEO of LPI along
with Jose Carlos Gouveia, LPI Area Operations Manager for Latin America
and Glenn McKnight, LPI Director of Operations.

Trade Show and Booth:

The trade show component of the show was from 3 to 9 p.m. each day and
LPI provided English and Spanish information material.  The interest at
the booth was high and required long hours of Jose Carlos providing
details in Spanish to booth visitors who were interested in our
certification program.  In addition, Jose Carlos was a moderator at
several speakers' panels at the conference.

Press Conference:

LPI hosted a highly successful press conference attended by a number of
media representatives and which generated news stories including a
posting on Thomson Business wire services (for more information see:
The press conference was held to mark LPI's achievement of having
delivered 30,000 certifications.  The press conference included a plaque
presentation to Daniel Guadalupe Huerta Santos of Leon, Mexico who was
the recipient of LPI's 30,000 the certification.  Daniel works in IT
security for the Municipality of Leon, Mexico and he and his fellow
local government officials will be assisting Jose Carlos in developing
an LPI-Mexico affiliate.  A picture of Daniel receiving his plaque can
be found at:
(J.Lacey (left), D.Huerta (centre), J.Gouveia (right).

Exam Labs:

LPI held four exam labs during the event and was the first time we have
provided PBT's in Spanish.  Candidate feedback on the quality of the
Spanish translation was very positive.

Business Development:

Jim Lacey and Jose Carlos Gouveia also had productive meetings with
representatives of Novell: Carlos Montero-Luque, CTO of the Identity
Product Group and Jorge Chacon, Marketing Director for Latin America who
has also offered to facilitate further meetings.

During the event Jose Carlos also identified leads for a further 5
potential LATPs for Latin America.

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