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Sun Aug 3 18:54:30 EDT 2003

Welcome to the LPI-News for July 2003.

The Linux Professional Institute is a non-profit organization
sponsored by the community to offer vendor independent certification.

1;  Linux World - San Francisco

2:  LPI Objectives

3:  LPI goes to Australia and Vietnam.

4:  LPI-German at LinuxTag and LinuxWorld Frankfurt
4A: LPI-Volunteers of the Month

5:  LPI-UK at the Olympia Expo 

6:  Exam Labs

7:  Translating the website

8:  Has the LPI certification helped you ?  

1:  Linux World - San Francisco.

On Monday we will be setting up at the Linux World Expo in 
San Francisco and hope to meet some of our friends and supporters 
at the show.
Please come to say hello to us at the .org area of the show.  
If anyone can help out at the booth - please stop by and lend a hand. 
We always need volunteers to talk about the program.

LPI will be making a major announcement on desktop certification.  
Please watch the LPI website for details, or join the OSAC mailing 
list to particpate.


We will also be offering an exam lab in room 309 of the Moscone Center -
and if anyone is interested in coming to the exam lab – we will be 
offering exam 101 and 201.   
Please ensure you come with your LPI ID number – which you can register
for at the LPI website.

2: Printing the Objectives;

The LPI exams are based on the objectives shown on the website, these 
objectives should be studied thoroughly, we suggest you print them, 
and refer to them often while preparing for the exams. 

If you are running IE and can not print the objectives clearly, please
go to this site and you can print the PDF that was prepared by one of
the LPI volunteers.


We would like to thank Dan Cooper for his work in preparing this for
use by others who need to print these objectives to help with their
study process.

3: LPI in Australia and Vietnam;

The President of LPI has planned a trip to Australia and Vietnam.
Evan Leibovitch is president of LPI and he will speak at a Linux 
Australia event and then go on to Vietnam to speak to some Open Source 
enthusiasts in that country and also to offer exam labs.

Please read through the press release here for some further details;

4:  LPI-German  
(an LPI affiliate representing all German speaking countries in Europe.)


LPI German will be at the Linux World show in Frankfurt, Germany.  
Please drop in at their booth to say hello, and to learn about the new 
LPI affiliate and their work to promote LPI in Germany, Austria and

LPI German also participated at LinuxTag in Karlsruhe, Germany and 
offered LPI exams at a discounted rate – they spoke to many people and 
encouraged many to participate in the LPI community program.

4A: LPI Volunteers of the month;  Marcel Henselin and Stephan Mueller.

This month LPI would like to thank Marcel Henselin and Stephan Mueller
for their assistance in running LPI's booth at LinuxTag.

Marcel is LPIC-2 and helped proctor the exams during the four days of
the show.
(Even though he had to leave his wife and his 17 month old daughter at
He also offered to assist LPI at further activities. As a trainer and
consultant he has received help and advice from the Linux community and
now he wants to give some back.

Stephan is a 21-year-old student from Paderborn, Germany. He is studying
computer science at the University of Paderborn. Last December he
started his LPI certification and subscribed to the German LPI mailing 
list lpi-de. 
Since then he has assisted LPI as a volunteer at CeBit and LinuxTag.

5: Linux Expo – Olympia, London UK

LPI will also be going to London in October to attend the Linux Expo 
in Olympia.
The plans are to create a UK affiliate that will promote LPI in the UK – 
there is already a core group on the LPI-UK mailing list who will
discuss these plans in October.  
If anyone is interested in participating, please join the mailing list; 

The mailing list chairman is attempting to create some interest in 
opensource, and has created the following site; 

6: Exam Labs

You will notice that we offer many exam labs around the world.
We have had exam labs in:
Brazil, China, Germany, Canada, USA, UK and many other countries – 
at Linux conferences, at Computer shows, at Universities.

In this way we are able to offer inexpensive exams – in many locations. 
If you are aware of a show or event that would benefit from an exam lab, 
please don't hesitate to let us know – perhaps we can try to accommodate 
the request.
Please contact info at lpi.org or wilma at lpi.org

7: Translating the website

A few weeks ago LPI unveiled the new LPI website, which has been well 
received so far. http://www.lpi.org

We are attempting to have the new site translated into many languages 
with the help of the Linux Community.  We would like to thank those who 
have helped so far with the translations – however there are many areas 
of the site that need further translations. In particular;

we have no translators for

Chinese (simplified)
Chinese (big5)

We need help with


If you could help us with some of the translation please go to 
the site and log on.

8: Has the LPI certification helped you ?

We are looking for comments on how the certification has helped you 
with employment or with your resume.  Any comments are appreciated – 
both good and bad, as we need to know how certification is benefiting 
our candidates.

Please let us know – send your comments to info at lpi.org or wilma at lpi.org

Thanks for your continued support of LPI.  Please stay in touch and 
participate in the LPI community;  http://www.lpi.org/en/community.html


Wilma Silbermann
VP Operations
wilma at lpi.org
905 874 4822

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