[Lpi-brasil] Bom dia a todos

Evan Leibovitch evan at lpi.org
Wed Jun 18 11:59:17 EDT 2003


Again, please excuse my use of English.

It has been wonderful to see such a high level of activity on the 
lpi-brasil mailing list! I have been trying to read as many emails as 
possible using translation systems available on the Web.

I would like to clarify my understanding of what will be happening 
regarding the delivery of LPI exams in Brasil.

We will continue to offer all exams through the VUE and Prometric networks, 
which offer personal, computer-based testing. However, as you know the 
price is US $100 per exam and many people cannot afford this. 
Unfortunately, we cannot lower the prices on these exams because of the 
costs we must pay to the delivery networks.

LPI, as a community organization, wants to make our certification program 
as accessible as possible while maintaining its security and quality.

Last year, Maddog visited São Paulo and delivered a number of English 
language exams, in classrooms, on paper rather than delivered by computer.
Later this month, I will be in São Paulo to deliver two more days of exams. 
The cost of these exams is R$150 for *both* 101 and 102 (or 201 and 202 for 
people who have completed Level 1).

While in Brasil I will be teaching Marcelo Marques to be an official 
"proctor" for LPI. A proctor is someone who may administer the paper-based 
exams as a representative of LPI.

At this time there are less than 10 LPI-approved proctors in the world. The 
current ones are staff members of LPI, or LPI affiliates in countries such 
as Japan and Germany. Marcelo will join this highly-trusted "team" after I 
train him.

It is my understanding that Marcelo will be conducting LPI paper-based exam 
events on a regular basis, at different locations around the country. Where 
and when these will take place will be determined, for now, by Marcelo in 
consultation with LPI-Brasil.

LPI-Brasil will work with LPI Inc. to increase the numbers of paper-based 
exams which can be delivered. It is our intention to train six more 
proctors early in 2004, so the exam events may be expanded in frequency and 
may be delivered in every state.

LPI is also committed to translating our exams into Portuguese, and we will 
work with LPI-Brasil to ensure that this happens with the highest level of 
quality and security.

In conclusion, I want to publicly thank Marcelo Marques. He has personally 
done much to advance LPI in Brasil, and he has been a substantial help to 
me personally while I was in São Paulo.

Please contact Marcelo (in Portuguese) or me (in English) if you have any 
questions or comments about the above remarks.

Evan Leibovitch
President, LPI

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