[Lpi-de] Prüfungsfrageneditor

Dimitrios Bogiatzoules, LPI Product Developer taki at lpi.org
Thu Jun 22 13:45:47 EDT 2006

Hallo zusammen,

ich habe die Anfrage bereits in tooldev gestellt dachte mir aber, das
sich vielleicht jemand auf dieser Liste vielleicht in der Lage ist einen
(kleinen) Editor für X zu programmieren:

Hi all,

I was wondering if there is somebody on this list who can write a small
open source graphical application that would make item writing a bit
more comfortable...

Here are some features I already collected:

Graphical UI
Writer and Reviewer modus
Entering text
Formatting text
Add notes to stem and answers
Choose objective
Choosing item type:
   Fill in the blank (FITB)
   Single Choice (SC)
   Multiple Choice (MC)
Writer modus:
   Storage of files using GPG encryption for each generated file
Reviewer modus:
   Opening and saving files using GPG encryption
User information should be stored locally:
      Location: XY, Germany
      Author: Jim Doe
      Author ID: LPI?????????
      Workshop Leader: John Doe
      Item numbers start at : 10000
Use a project configuration file supplied by the project lead:
      Workshop Leader : Jake Doe
      Public GPG key for encryption: 0x123456
      Minimum number of MC/SC answers: 5
      Maximum number of MC/SC answers: 5
      Maximum number of FITB answers: 8
      Fonts: proportional, typewriter
      Formatting: bold, italic
      Level: 2
      Objectives list:
      2.201.1 Kernel Components
      2.201.2 Compiling a kernel
      2.201.3 Patching a kernel

The file format for the items could be either plain text or XML.

Mit dem Editor wollen wir eine eifache Möglichkeit schaffen
Prüfungsfragen zu erstellen. Für Fragen/Angebote stehe ich jederzeit zur

Viele Grüße,

Dimitrios Bogiatzoules            Product Developer
LPIC-2                 Linux Professional Institute
GnuPG Key ID  A7E4D183           http://www.lpi.org
taki at lpi.org               http://www.lpi-german.de

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