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Wed Apr 17 09:47:50 EDT 2002

Our local LUG has invited Jeffery Dean, author of O'Reilly's LPI in a
Nutshell, to speak May 1st.  We have drafted an article to be submitted to
our Chester County paper Daily Local News this Friday.  Any comments or
suggestions on the following article would be appreciated.

The paper also likes to include graphics with the articles, if anyone has
something better than pictures of our meetings and we don't have to pay
for it, please let me know.

                            Linux in the Real World

   Linux geeks will happily chat for hours about all the things that
   Linux can do, but what is often more valuable is to know what's
   actually being done with it in the real world. Jeffrey Dean, from West
   Chester, has written such a book. He has given us a broad but detailed
   introduction to the Linux operating system that will be of interest to
   both would be Linux administrators and new Linux users.

   The Linux operating system has a well deserved reputation for being
   reliable, secure and versitile. With its graphical user interface and
   Office-like suite of applications, Linux is becoming the Operating
   System (OS) of choice for IT managers as well as home users. Linux now
   has two popular graphical user interfaces with GNOME and KDE. There
   are also office applications for word processing, spreadsheets
   presentations, graphics and Samba for integrated file and print
   services with Windows-based networks. Linux is also a popular choice
   for use with Apache, the worlds leading web server. In addition the OS
   is becoming popular for mail servers, firewalls, authenication
   services and more. Just about anything you want to do on a computer
   can be done with Linux, with the added benefit of cost savings.

   With usage of Linux on the rise, so too is the need for trained Linux
   system administrators. In the beginning, Linux geeks were mostly self
   taught but when the OS started becoming popular, Linux classes began
   being taught in schools, universities and trade schools. There soon
   became a need for some form of certification for administrators so
   that employers and IT managers could make sure that they were hiring
   well trained people with good technical skills.

   Linux is now being deployed on a large scale by big companies. IBM is
   investing a billion dollars in Linux this year alone. A few of the
   other companies which use Linux, are Google (the search engine,), the US Postal Service, Toyota Motor Sales, Burlington Coat
   Factory and Home Depot. All of them need skilled Linux administrators
   to deploy and maintain their computers.

   Linux is also finding it's way into the world of the desktop as more
   and more applications are being offered to run on it. This makes more
   jobs available in customer support.

   While there is no substitute for experience, certification provides a
   mechanism for testing and verifying technical skills. The leading
   certification program for Linux administrators is the LPI (Linux
   Professional Institute). People who wanted to become certified could
   now take a course to learn Linux, or they could simply take the test
   if they could pass the certification. To assist those who want to get
   certified Jeffrey Dean has written LPI Linux Certification in a
   Nutshell. The book, published by O'Reilly, is great as either a
   textbook, or a self study guide with sample quizzes and tests.

   LPI Linux Certification in a Nutshell tells you not only what Linux
   can do, it tells you what Linux is being used for. The book provides a
   strong overview of Linux to not only tell you what you need to know to
   prepare for the test, but self tests to ascertain what areas you are
   weak or strong on. Using this book, you need not buy a pile of system
   administration books, this one book will tell you what you need to

   But the book is for more than just people who want to get certified in
   Linux. Knowing what the OS can do gives you the ability to make the
   most of Linux if you have chosen to use it. Being powerful and
   versatile, Linux is capable of many tasks.

   Jeffery Dean will be speaking at the EPCC (Exton PC Council) Linux SIG
   (special interest group) Wednesday May 1st 7pm at the Chester County
   Library in Exton. For more information on EPCC visit, the Linux SIG and
   more info on LPI visit

   Article by Chuck Peters <cp at> and Kathy Miles
   <kmiles at>

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