Foundation of affiliates

Torsten Scheck torsten.scheck at
Thu Aug 1 09:41:52 EDT 2002

When it comes to the foundation of an affiliate, a simple
"Do whatever you think it's right." won't do. That's for
sure, now. To prevent such problems in the future I
suggest to write down LPI's criteria for an affiliate.
Then if a group wants to become an affiliate, but
doesn't agree to its allocated role, it's obvious that
first there is need for communication. This way there
won't be wasted time and efforts on both sides.

There has been such documents like an affiliate guide
and a LPI-Intl policy, but they seem to be ambigous,
as all this mess shouldn't have happened according
to their contents.

Those who are interested in the foundation of an
affiliate are invited to join the mailing list
lpi-intl to continue the discussion in a more
specialised list.
Please contact LPI (info at in this case.


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