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On 08/01/2002 04:14 PM, Jon Hall wrote:
> But LPI needs a that will move forward the LPI agenda in
> each country, but yet have the same "look and feel".

A rather business-oriented LPI-Franchise will only work
when there's an incentive for the involved persons,
i.e. either money, or authority to decide, or business
advantages (e.g. the director of a Linux-training company).

MacDonalds-franchises work as their directors earn money.
The better they work, the more money they get.
An LPI-franchise shall be non-profit and independent.
Offering the directors a salary based on the exams taken
would do no good, is my first thought.

The business advantage for directors of an LPI-franchise
is somewhat critical, but can work, when it's under
control of LPI, Inc.

The third incentive, having the authority to decide and
realizing your visions, presupposes more rights than
LPI, Inc. is currently willing to give the franchisers.

I see the following possibilities for prospect

* One or more Linux-training companies start an
  LPI-franchise to create or improve the foundation
  of their own business (still vendor-neutral, of course).


* An LPI-franchise will get more rights and won't
  depend on LPI, Inc. (own exam distribution methods,
  offering additional services).


* The non-franchise-way: a less business-oriented,
  less time-consuming LPI-_affiliate_ without
  financial risk for the participants run by volunteers.

Does this make sense?


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