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Thu Aug 1 11:17:45 EDT 2002

* Jon Hall; <maddog at> on 01 Aug, 2002 wrote:
>I would suggest the name of "franchise", and present two of the most
>successful world franchises of all time:
>	o Coca Cola
>	o MacDonalds

They are good examples of franchising yet they do not have the same
product line, objectives hence I do not think they are suitable examples for LPI.

>The local franchises do translations, hire managers and personnel, and
>run the local stores.  Corporate coordinates the new product lines, over-all

Local franchises buy the materials locally. International branches do not import meat and
bred from MacDonalds HQ. The HQ gets a percentage of the sales and the
Local franchises gets a percentage but the rest of the money (minus COG) goes to the
Local store.

The current does not work with
MacDonalds Style franchising. So if franchising is what you want you
should consider changing the finance paper. 

>look and feel, etc.  But you will never see a MacDonalds in Brazil (for example)
>start to offer car repair.

The HQ establishes the "code of conduct" and "the standards" not how much a Big Mac is
charged locally or when promotion is suitable for which products.

>LI has "affiliates" around the world.  We have a much looser expectation for
>them, which is to "Promote Linux" any way they can.  As long as they are
>honest, non-profit (which does not mean the leaders do not get paid) and
>are generally seen as "doing good for Linux", then we are happy to have them
>as affiliates.
>But LPI needs a that will move forward the LPI agenda in
>each country, but yet have the same "look and feel".

I think, LPI needs Regional Centers ( or consultants would be the best word)
based on timezone, language so they can answer the needs of the region
they are servicing. 

If someone is interested in taking an LPI certification or a trainer is
interested to offer Training which will meet the needs of LPI level XYZ
or an HR manager is going employ certified Linux professionals 
and needs some clarification then the contact person will be the
Regional Center.

In my point of view, LPI needs a formal body who would represent its interests in front of
the public, governments hence The Regional Center.  

Regards from extremely hot Istanbul, Turkey


Togan Muftuoglu

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