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Fri Aug 2 05:42:49 EDT 2002

also sprach torsten scheck <torsten.scheck at> [2002.08.01.1720 +0200]:
> * One or more Linux-training companies start an
>   LPI-franchise to create or improve the foundation
>   of their own business (still vendor-neutral, of course).

When I tried that, I wasn't allowed to carry the name of LPI.

> * An LPI-franchise will get more rights and won't
>   depend on LPI, Inc. (own exam distribution methods,
>   offering additional services).

What else was LPI-DE trying to do?

> * The non-franchise-way: a less business-oriented,
>   less time-consuming LPI-_affiliate_ without
>   financial risk for the participants run by volunteers.

If we'd get anywhere therewith, fine...

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