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Fri Aug 2 07:27:24 EDT 2002

also sprach torsten scheck <torsten.scheck at> [2002.08.02.1248 +0200]:
> Again, please read my former message.
> I don't think my English is so bad that you can't
> understand that the translation is not a
> one-week-translation-fun-event but a longer, well
> planned and well prepared process.

So, how are the preparations going? What are you doing, what have you
already planned, what have you decided, what issues are you
struggling with? Where can I get this information?

> Before a candidate takes the German exam, he will
> have to study the objectives. And many candidates
> even want to take a class or read a book, which also
> depend on the objectives.

Fair enough. It need not be a sequential process though. They can
happen at the same time.

> > I wonder how many times I've offered my help on translating the exam.
> > All I've been asked to do was translate the LPI News every now and
> > then. I am failing to see the point of German LPI News if the exam is
> > English only.
> You won't believe how important such a newsletter is
> for a project. Don't you read the Debian Weekly News as
> a Debian advocate?

I read all the lists regularly, so I don't need the Weekly News.
Nevertheless, Debian's available in German, and yet, there is no
German newsletter. And that with such a big portion of debian-devel
and debian-users speaking German firstly.

> BTW: has mentioned LPI-News the last few
> months. I think that's great!

Of course. You are missing my point.

> Some of your assumptions are a little bit annoying.
> Could you please discuss in a less teasing manner?

It's not teasing. I want information, so I ask directly. I want to
help you back up the points of critique you, as a member of LPI-DE,
have brought against our group. As it stands, I am led to believe that
there's more talk than action. I would be glad to be proven wrong.

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