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Tue Jul 23 02:36:44 EDT 2002

    Thanks very much for your suggestions. thats the thing i was looking for
    You are right, I am a younger system administrator with no real world
system administration experience. whatever i have gained so far is from my
personal hobby projects. I will keep your suggestions in mind and will try
to do it that way.

Thanks again,

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> Faiyaz,
> "Sharing ideas and experiences" of a test that you have not taken yet is
> exactly the right thing to do.
> The LPI web site freely gives the objectives of the tests and sample test
> questions.  From these and your previous training and experience you
> be able to pass the tests.
> The goals of these tests are not to have someone study just to pass them.
> The goal should be that the tests indicate the level of training,
> and experience that the person has.  In reality, when you take these tests
> you should actually be at a knowledge and experience level higher than the
> test indicates.  Then with a little "brush up" you would find the tests
> easier.
> If you are a younger system administrator, do not be in a hurry to take
> second test.  It will be VERY demanding.  Take some time to utilize your
> new certification to go out and get more experience.  If you are a systems
> admin with a lot of experience, then look at the objectives and sample
> questions and go for it.
> My recommendation (after thirty years in the industry, six of which were
> a Unix systems administrator)
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