LPI-DE stops working

martin f krafft madduck at madduck.net
Sun Jul 28 12:23:30 EDT 2002

also sprach peer heinlein <p.heinlein at jpberlin.de> [2002.07.28.1108 +0200]:
> We really missed a good relationship to LPI-INC and that`s the only reason  
> we decided, that LPI-DE and LPI-INC can't work together.

Start by thinking about *not* giving permission to officially
distribute LPI exams in the German language in Germany. If you really
think that LPI has a chance in Germany or Europe atop of American
assumptions, then I suggest to get a clue. You can quote me on the
following: I think that LPI's publicity problem is mainly related to
the English language of the exams. It's only a natural thing for
people working with internationalized distributions (as they all are)
to expect to be able to prove their Linux capability and knowledge in
their native tongue.

> But I really don't want to start a campaign of destruction each other,  

Neither do I, so please excuse any forms of insults or flames. I am
simply, just like the other 11, rather annoyed. Not only did we invest
time and energy, we also all want and need LPI in Germany. Now that
you've delegated that task to the more capable, we are in the position
to wait again - that position which caused us to act in the first

> The LPI-DE list has been open for everybody who worked on LPI-DE. Nobody  
> has been excluded, really nobody. The language was german and the list has  
> had many members. We had a public "workshop" on linuxday in Germany and a  
> second meeting were we got many new members and people subscribing to the  
> mailinglist (even some of the european comission).

Okay, a list in German is, by definition, not open to *everyone*. But
turn that argument around and apply it to LPI.

And I should add that we did in fact make this list
closed-subscription. However, anyone who appeared to us to be someone
capable of more than just commenting on everything and being generally
counter-productive was instantly subscribed to the forum. Sure, that's
censorship right there, but we also wanted to get established in the
German market. It's not like the market gives you easier conditions
when you walk towards it with "uncensored, open, free, cooperative
project" written on your forehead. It wasn't censorship, it was simply
filtering the mere talkers from the actual do-ers.

> this statement to the list some days later (we wrote that!). That is a  
> question of unfairnis and what I call censorship, because we don't have  
> the chance to contact the people of lpi-euwg any more.

We are looking forward to being able to subscribe to the new lpi-euwg,
despite being the former LPI-DE team.

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