AW: LPI-DE stops working

Frerk Meyer Frerk.Meyer at
Mon Jul 29 04:26:18 EDT 2002


I'm german, I took the LPIC-1 exams and
I'm not connected to the former LPI-DE group.

I just wanted to express that I'm very sorry
to learn about the failure of founding LPI-DE.

I would like to stress the importance of translating
the exams to german. I could take part in the exams
because of my understanding of english but this is
not the average here. It is a difference if the
IT vocabulary is mostly english or if the question
are in english. It was a test of my Linux experience
and my english skills together. I had to understand
every twist in the formulation and be very careful.
US software products often call themself international
because they are in english. European software products
have to support localisation in national languages
very early just because their market would be to
small otherwise. So what is really international?

But even if there was a translated version of the exam
you could not expect exam candidates in truck-loads.
LPI is not very popular even among the Linux enthusiats
over here left side human resource managers.
I would like to see that change.

But the training and education system is totally
different in germany than it is in the US.
Until recently the only way to get an official
diploma in the computer field you had to study
computer science in the university level. All
other IT workers came from self-study and learning
on the job. In this field there is currently
growing the demand for lesser 'diplomas' such
as certifications like LPI.
But german administration has reacted to the demand
and is currently establishing an official second
education and training track besides the universities.
These may incorporate product dependend certificates
like LPI but from my experience with the officials
in education here in germany they don't go the pragmatic
way as in the US but invent all by themself and therefore
are a big upcoming competitor to the 'certification business'.
Of course you or your new candidate for LPI affiliate
already know that and are prepared to answer this
challenge, do you?

I'm just courious who will be organising LPI-DE instead
and hope for the best. But with the little I learned
on lpi-discuss I have the impression the former team
would have been more successful.

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