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jdd jdanield at
Tue Jul 30 01:50:05 EDT 2002

Le Mardi 30 Juillet 2002 00:33, kara at a écrit :

>How could exam source be translated if noone asked me for it? Noone on
>your staff has license to the TDL source that is used for the exams, and

seems things are getting really wrong. I didn't follow all this (hudge) 
thread, but gave a look anyway.

at first I'm not (as french) for translating the tests. administrator MUST 
read english - do you think security warnings can deserve the translating 

so the lpi exams must be kept one and only one. It's already so difficult to 
keep them up to date, stay there.

anyway any comment on the objectives can be localised.

I hope sincerely this "discussion" will not kill the lpi, should be really a 


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