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On 07/30/2002 12:33 AM, kara at wrote:
> How could exam source be translated if noone asked me for it? Noone on 
> your staff has license to the TDL source that is used for the exams, and 
> if you were given hard copies of those exams, then I'm even more 
> concerned. No development in any language should be happening outside of 
> LPI's Exam Development.  If it is, then it's not LPI...

Dear friends of LPI,

I apologize for this unpleasant thread, but everthing has
a good side: this thread could make the LPI organization
more transparent. (There are no intentionally kept secrets,
but a lot of information doesn't reach the public
as the volunteers are too busy with the organisation,
the exam objectives and the exams, i.e. with the project

First of all, I ask everybody to stick to facts.
Some mentioned details in this thread can be disproved
by simply reading the archives of the mailing lists.
There are many occasions where things are
exaggerated in order to show how far the German group got,
and how much energy they "wasted".

I just can see merely half a dozen active members
in the German group. With the original 30 members big
European workgroup in mind you can't say that every
decision was so concordant as it was mentioned in
previous postings. The German group consisted
mainly of several people constituting a kind of linux training
lobby who tried to assist Peer in the execution of his plans,
but without deeper knowledge about the actual LPI project.
Most messages dealt with the justifications of their plans,
which partly contradicted IMHO the attitude, though.

I have no real overview of the accomplishments of the
German group. I was intentionally kept out of the German plans
as I was assumed to slow down the negotiations due to my
idealistic and community-oriented attitude. But I'm sure about
some things they can _not_ have accomplished.

For example the translation of the exams: I have been working
on the organization and concept for the translation of the web site,
the exam objectives and the exam itself for almost one year, so far.
Very dedicated friends of LPI like Taki and Christian has spent
a lot of spare time with the translation work. To be able to
yield a good translation of the exam questions, we first translate
the objectives and the glossary. With the resulting word list
and after some public revisions we'll start the translation of
the exam in a small NDA-group, after LPI will have given us
permission to proceed.
A consistent and perfect translation is very important as
the exam objectives are the base for further German
publications like books, courseware, articles, and other
LPI-based material.

A team of German LPI volunteers, who stopped their work
when the professional LPI-DE stepped in, continued their
work on German translations and documentation last week
when it was obvious that LPI-DE won't be founded soon.

Everybody is kindly invited to take a look at
and we are very pleased about everyone who wants to assist
us with the project.

Back to the unlucky topic:
There were certainly mistakes on both sides.
It would be great if this discussion yielded some
hints how to prevent such problems in the future.

In my opinion it all boils down to way too little
communication between the German group, the LPI
community, and the LPI staff.

I hope you are not discouraged by the ongoing arguments.
Please keep in mind that the LPI projects creates an
important standard to push Linux certification and thus the
whole Linux and Free Software movement.

The exam objectives alone are very valuable for many
groups like:
* universities
* vocational schools,
* Linux training companies,
* continuing education institutions,
* spare time Linux users,
* authors of books,
* courseware provider,
* computer magazines, and
* IT departments
* check and confirm their Linux knowledge,
* learn important concepts they're missing,
* insure basic Linux knowledge as quality measures,
* earn money with creation of training material, and
* save a lot of time when creating Linux introductions.

All the best

Torsten Scheck

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