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Jon Hall maddog at
Tue Jul 30 10:31:18 EDT 2002


madduck at said:
> Up to now, all these have been forbidden. As maddog knows, I am in
> this for the training aspect, but LPI always refused to affiliate with
> trainers (Caldera suddenly was given a chance, my previous efforts to
> design LPI courses had been slammed and would have had to be carried
> out independently from LPI) 

I am a little confused by this.  In some ways LPI has always been "affiliated
with trainers", in the fact that its advisory board has a considerable
number of people in the training industry.  From the very beginning these
people have been apprised of what was happening, how the tests were being
generated, what the objectives were, etc.  This is why it took only about
one month from the time the first tests were ready before there was a book
on the shelf telling people how to prepare for certification.  And unlike
OTHER certification methods, this book came from an independent source, not
the people writing the tests.

The difference between LPI and some other certification programs is that there
is a separation between LPI and training that allows a level playing field
for all trainers.

If LPI created both the certification program and the training materials
then LPI opens itself up for criticism around:

	o updating certification just to sell more training courses (instead
	  of addressing changing needs in the marketplace)
	o competing unfairly with other training companies

So you see, we have to be careful in how "closely affiliated" these training
courses are.  One of the benefits of aligning with LPI from a training
perspective is that everyone is on a level playing field.

If some of the other programs that Evan has mentioned were "forbidden" up until
now (and I don't remember any verbiage "forbidding" them), then perhaps it
was more of caution in rushing into new territory than "forbidding" it.

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