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Tue Jul 30 13:31:55 EDT 2002

Hi all there

I read most of the mailings last week about the problems with LPI-DE and so
on. I'm German, too but I'm not involved in LPI-DE due to lack of time.
So maybe I can offer a kind of neutral point of view...

First of all, I'm deeply persuaded of the necessity of a distribution
independent certification program for Linux as LPI offers. And from my
point of view, as a trainer in different computer schools, I know about the
necessity of such a program in Germany.

But I'm also deeply satisfied with the strict division between course ware
and certification itself. Just like Maddog wrote, it would be a permanent
conflict between the wish to sell more books and to provide a serious
certification. And one of the best aspects of LPI exams is the fact, that it
is essential to know Linux to pass the test not to know some special items
or read some braindumps...

So if we consider the needs of an international certification program, I
think there are two important items for every country - not only for

1. It is necessary to provide the tests in the language of the country. I
  know lots of people who would like to take the exams but are afraid to try
  it due to their bad English. For example: I'm working for a school which
  provides an education for so called Network Technicians. We are teaching
  Win-XX, Novell and Linux and all necessary items to understand all that
  (TCP/IP, Networking Techniques and so on). We offer the possibility to take
  exams for Novel (CNA, CNE) and Win-XX (MCP, MCSA) but it is very hard to
  offer LPI because of the language. From the moment of the availability of a
  German LPI exam, we would offer LPI, too. 

2. We need an organization for advertising and promoting the LPI-exams in
  the given country. But I think the job of this organization
  should be the job to make LPI well known and perhaps to offer an address
  base of schools and institutes, a list of websites to look or a list of
  books... It should definitely not be the job of this organization to offer
  the courses themself. We would be in the same conflict as mentioned above. 

I also respect the necessity of strict secret keeping of the question-base.
IMHO the best way to translate the exams would be to let LPI Inc. do the
translations. So a LPI-XX would only have the job of advertising, fund
raising and so on. If a certain country shows the need of translated exams
it should be no problem to raise enough money to have the translation done
by LPI Inc. If this is not possible we could think about helping each other
or we have to respect that there is no real concern about LPI exams in this

So there should be a strict diversion between the jobs of LPI Inc, LPI-XX
and the institutes which offer courses. I'm very satisfied with the work of
LPI Inc. in creating the exams. I don't know any other organization which
spends so much research and work in developing a real good certification
program. And everybody who wants can participate this process. So I don't
see the necessity of national groups or organizations to work on that items. 

On the other hand it is not possible for LPI Inc. to provide an
international promotion in every country. So there is enough work to do for
us in the different countries. I agree with the LPI-DE members that Europe
is not the US. We don't have equal conditions in the different countries, we
don't have a common language and we have very different market situations.
So time is not ripe to have a real European LPI. But if we start with single
LPI-XX organizations in the different European countries, I think we will
soon be able to cooperate... Many of my friends in Italy, France and Spain
are interested in LPI and Linux. There definitely would be contact between
us and the cooperation would lead us to a later umbrella organization...

Just my 2 (euro) cents

Greetings to all



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