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also sprach jdd <jdanield at> [2002.07.30.0750 +0200]:
> at first I'm not (as french) for translating the tests. administrator MUST 
> read english - do you think security warnings can deserve the translating 
> delays?

This is a valid point that I've long had to struggle with. However,
over the time that I've been involved with certifications, I've learnt
that the main reason that Germans perform badly on exams is because
they suffer from an understanding problem. Whether it's Novell,
Microsoft, Cisco, Sair, RedHat, Check Point, RSA, or any of the
numerous other certifications I've taught and proctored, my experience
was always that people, while fully grasping the subject, would still
tend to answer wrongly due to confusion induced by the foreign
language. Once I started translating a question for a student, or
listening to his reasoning for choosing the answer that he chose, it
really became clear to me that English is a test of its own, and that
the normal German test-taker cannot succeed in being tested on English
and the specific subject at the same time.

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