New version of level 1 exams

Anke Boernig aboernig at
Mon Jun 24 05:26:30 EDT 2002

Hi there!
In one mail some time ago it was stated that the new version of the
level 1 exams should (hopefully) be launched by end of june.
Now there's left only one week of june - and no trace of the new exams.

I'm writing because I'm working on an update of our training-materials
for our preparation-training for the level 1 exams. So it would be nice to
know if I should change them so they will fit the new exam-versions or
if I still stay with the old objectives.

So are there any plans to launch the new exams soon? 
Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Anke Börnig, Trainerin

SuSE Schulungszentrum Dortmund
Franziskanerstr. 3, 44143 Dortmund
tel:	+49-(0)231-47797-0
email: aboernig at

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