New version of level 1 exams

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Mon Jun 24 05:47:27 EDT 2002

also sprach Amol Rao <xamolrao at> [2002.06.24.1136 +0200]:
> Yesterday I bought a book on LPI certificate Level 1
> exam from Oreily pubs. Will that be valid ?

Yes. Don't expect to read the book and pass the test. The LPIC-1 exams
test whether you know Linux through experience. The O'Reilly book is
good, but it's not a cram book, it's not going to teach you to pass
the test, it'll teach you what the test is about, and it'll give you
a few references. It won't suffice to pass the test.

The exams have changed, Linux hasn't substantially (I know why I wrote
this). The exams are about Linux, so the book will be valid.

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