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Mon Jun 24 15:19:48 EDT 2002

On Mon, 24 Jun 2002, Amol Rao wrote:

> Please answer that !!
> Yesterday I bought a book on LPI certificate Level 1
> exam from Oreily pubs. Will that be valid ?

My Linux Users Group is actually doing a summer "bootcamp" program to help 
people learn Linux administration and begin studying for the LPI 
certification program. They are using the ORA book as a guide, while 
adding their own material, separately, that covers the new objectives.

The new Level 1 exams are not going to obsolete the ORA book. The layout 
is different, and there are several additions. Regardless of what book you 
choose to use, the best preparation will be to review our objectives and 
compare them to your skills. Are you confident in objective 1.101.1 ? If 
not, refer to your book, Google, man pages, and practice until you are. If 
the ORA book doesn't have references for something you're looking for, I'm 
sure you can supplement it between HOW-TOs and man pages while you 

Good Luck!

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