Lack of 102 books

Dee-Ann LeBlanc dee at
Tue Jun 25 13:04:24 EDT 2002

As someone who's written cert books and been through the recent death
of Coriolis books, a major cert book producer, I can verify that one
reason there's a lack of 102 books, as Kara said, is the tech
downturn. Another reason is that I think a lot of publishers are
rethinking the cert book market after what happened to Coriolis, and
that with the downturn there was a HEAVY downturn in the sales of
Linux books.

A big issue is the used book market. If you do a cert book that's only
good for studying for the exam, when the person's done with it it
often ends up on someplace like Amazon in the used books section,
which turns into a lost sale for publisher and author. I'm not sure
anyone's really sure of the scale of what's happening there yet, but
if it turns out to be significant, then there will be a shakedown in
the market.

I'm not sure precisely what the changes would be. It's the cram books
that suffer most, not the brand but the concept, because books like
that are s only useful for studying for the exam. Perhaps another
format is best economically. I'd love to hear folks' thoughts on this,
either on the list or privately.

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