Lack of 102 books

Seung 'Steven' Hong shong at
Tue Jun 25 13:50:13 EDT 2002

Before I seriously upset some authors, in the below
statement, I did not mean to imply that ALL ExamCram
books are purely for cram purposes.  Some ExamCram
books were very useful in introducing me to certain 
topics and I've kept them high on my bookshelf.  My
apologies if I have offended you in any ways, as I
know how hard it is to write a good technical book.


> While greatly saddened by the the demise of Corlios, in some ways it gives me a new found hope.  ExamCram series had
> but one purpose.  To prepare you for the exam.  This in
> turned created numerous certified professionals who could
> pass the test but could not perform the task.  I further
> believe that "Cram" oriented books will eventually be
> overrun by "Cram" oriented sites that offer a more realistic
> test scenarios and questions.  If my sole purpose was to
> pass a test, I'd probably just find a brain dump site.  It's
> easier, cheaper, and I'm not left with a useless book at
> the end.

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