Lack of 102 books

Dee-Ann LeBlanc dee at
Tue Jun 25 14:24:33 EDT 2002

bjjenni wrote:
> What I found as the biggest problem with the books were the
> sample tests
> that had errors. We - as a class - attempted to contact authors on
> verification
> of some of the problems, but do to lack of response we gave up.

I think I was probably one of those, my apologies for that. :(
Sometimes things get lost too easily in the barrage of email and
> Having these books on-line, would allow the authors to make
> corrections
> on
> as as needed basis - both to errors and technological
> changes. You could
> do
> this with yours and charge the users the same fee for
> access as the cost
> of a book!

As long as I had enough users coming in on a regular basis to pay for
the constant upkeep and updates. That's where we start to run into
problems there. I think electronic is definitely going to be the way
to go for tech books in many ways, and am still waiting for a good
model to finally emerge.

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