LPI-News June 2003

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Hello and welcome to the June 2003 LPI-News report.

The Linux Professional Institute is a non-profit organization
sponsored by the Linux community to offer certification for system

1; Website

2; Translating the website

3; Linux User and Developer - UK

4; LPI in Brazil

5; Training centre web-site

6; OSCON in Portland Oregon
    LinuxTag in Germany
    Linux World San Francisco USA and Birmingham UK

7; Looking for testimonials from candidates.

8; LPI in the UK

1; http://www.lpi.org

After some thought and much discussion the website has been redesigned.
Please have a look and check it out. We are attempting to give the site
a more professional and polished look - I hope you think we have
achieved this look.
It still has a few problems that are being worked on, but if you see
anything that looks incorrect - or have any general comments, please
let us know;  info at lpi.org

2; Translating the website.

LPI is looking for assistance to translate the website.
We have volunteers already looking after the German translation and
the Brazilian/Portuguese translation - but all other translation require
some work, we would appreciate your assistance in this project.

If you can help with any translation, please log on here;


and join the lpi-web list.


3; http://www.linuxuser.co.uk

LPI attended the Linux User and Developer conference in Birmingham
England last week.
It was the first show they have ever put on - and it seemed to go
very well.

Two of the most well known speakers;
Jon Maddog Hall spoke on 'Programming Linux for the 21st century'.
and also on 'Total cost of ownership' - his talks were well received
as usual.
Alan Cox spoke on the 2.6 kernel improvements and updates - again
very well received by the conference attendees.

The LPI booth was part of the much larger .org area where all the
non-profit organizations were found.  My neighbours were the guys
from Debian who were of course, discussing the use of Debian, and
an organization called UKCDR.org (Campaign for Digital Rights) and
you can read about them here;  http://www.ukcdr.org

4; LPI in Brazil

LPI President Evan Leibovitch was in São Paulo for two separate visits in
June. While there he meet with government officials, delivered a two-day
exam lab, and gave a speech before 400 people at a special meeting held by
the local IT user group, SUCESU-SP. Most importantly, the trips were used
to help form a permanent Brazilian affiliate group.

It has been extremely gratifying to see how many friends Linux and LPI have
throughout the country. We are confident that the new group will bring
together the academic, government and vendor communities to increase the
use and education of Linux and "Software Livre" in Brazil.

Special thanks go to people from 4Linux, Cyclades, Conectiva and IBM for
making the visits a complete success!

5; Lintraining.com

For those who are looking for training in Linux, there is an independent
website available;

This site will help you locate the closest training site in your

If you are interested in adding your training centre to this site,
please follow the 'add a centre link'.

6; OSCON 	Portland, Oregon	

    LinuxTag 	Karlsruhe, Germany

    Linux World	San Francisco, USA

LPI will attend the above shows and conferences and will offer exam
labs at each one. We are also planning to offer exam labs in Sydney,
Australia and Hanoi, Vietnam in mid-August, though exact venues and dates
are to be confirmed.

If you are interested in participating at the OSCON, Sydney or Vietnam exam
labs - please let me know - wilma at lpi.org
If you are interested in participating at the LinuxTag lab - please
contact - torsten.scheck at gmx.de

If you are interested in the Linux World exam labs - please watch
the website at the end of this month for details to be posted.

7; Are you willing to write a testimonial on LPI's behalf ?

We are looking for testimonials that can be used in the website and
other promotional material.
Anyone who is interested can email Stacy (our new-business director)
directly for further instructions.  		      stacy at lpi.org
We need these by July 11th, if possible.

8; We have been contacted by Adrian Thomasset  <adrian at linuxit.com>
who is interested in putting together an LPI-UK affiliate and if
anyone is interested in participating in this group and helping out,
we suggest you use the LPI-UK mailing list to show your interest
and start a dialogue.



Some interesting reading here;



Let me know if you find any errors of have any questions on the News
letter, or if you have anything you think should be added for the July
info at lpi.org
wilma at lpi.org




Wilma Silbermann
VP Operations
wilma at lpi.org
905 874 4822

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