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AmirAli Lalji lalji at clix.pt
Tue Jul 29 16:10:27 EDT 2003

I remember reading somewhere on the LPI website that LPI does not 
disclose the names of students who have passed LPI.

I live and work in Portugal.  I have tried mostly all the LUGS I could 
find in Portugal but either their websites are not working or the phone 
nos have changed.  As far as I know there seems to be no presence of LPI 
in Portugal.  Even well known computer institutes here are unware about 
LPI.  They mostly concentrate on either RHCE or Linux+.

I think disclosing the names of registered students and graduates 
(ofcourse after taking permissioin from respective people) it would be 
beneficial for those who are either LPI graduates, or preparing to take 
LPI exams to know who in their respective countries is preparing for the 
exams.  I think this would help in creating a country specific LPI forum 
as well as help LPI to create awareness in countries where people dont 
know about this program.


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