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Hello All!

We have considered the implications of sharing certified names based on 
the approval of each candidate to do so.  There are certainly benefits 
to this as you mention.  We have, however, always considered the privacy 
of our candidates our main priority...and since we have never before 
asked if people want to be included on such a list, it would require not 
only a change in policy, but also time backtracking with our alumni to 
gain their permission.  

Another benefit is that there are certification standards organizations, 
such as www.noca.org, that require a published list of certified 
individuals for membership.  For this reason, we have certainly 
considered our policy and if it needs revision in some way.  There has 
been no final decision.

Reiner Brandt, our new German Affiliate, earlier today mentioned that he was interested in helping other EMEA groups become LPI Affiliates, and he specifically mentioned Portugal (Coincidence?  I don't believe in them!).   We are working *specifically* to take on additional Affiliates with greater efficiency and effectiveness over the next few months.  If you are interested in helping us in Portugal, email me and I will get you started.

Also, here is additional information if you are interested in helping us set up an affiliate there provided earlier today by Wilma for a person in Chile:

>Please read the details on trying to start an affiliate on the website;
>Please note that we encourage affiliates but these should be made up 
>of various companies, educational sites, government agencies and 
>non-profit organizations.  We want to ensure LPI remains a non-profit
>vendor independent, and training neutral organization.

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>I remember reading somewhere on the LPI website that LPI does not 
>disclose the names of students who have passed LPI.
>I live and work in Portugal.  I have tried mostly all the LUGS I could 
>find in Portugal but either their websites are not working or the phone 
>nos have changed.  As far as I know there seems to be no presence of LPI 
>in Portugal.  Even well known computer institutes here are unware about 
>LPI.  They mostly concentrate on either RHCE or Linux+.
>I think disclosing the names of registered students and graduates 
>(ofcourse after taking permissioin from respective people) it would be 
>beneficial for those who are either LPI graduates, or preparing to take 
>LPI exams to know who in their respective countries is preparing for the 
>exams.  I think this would help in creating a country specific LPI forum 
>as well as help LPI to create awareness in countries where people dont 
>know about this program.
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