UnitedLinux certification -- SuSE has spoken out, SCO's valid complaint ...

Bryan J. Smith b.j.smith at ieee.org
Wed Mar 12 14:03:19 EST 2003

[ First off, just joined.  Took 101 Beta R2, 102 Beta R2 and 201 exams on
Saturday, Monday and today, respectively.  Taking the 202 exam tomorrow. ]

Quoting Ed Sawicki <ed at alcpress.com>:
> I recall an announcement from LPI about a UnitedLinux
> certification. The SCO lawsuit against IBM over patent
> and IP-related matters puts Linux in some jeopardy. The
> backlash against SCO from the Linux community will
> likely affect SCO's UnitedLinux partners as well. LPI
> could easily be perceived as one of SCO's partners. 

First off, SuSE has already spoken out against SCO, stating their litigation
endeavors do not relect the current viewpoints of UnitedLinux as a whole.  SuSE
basically stopped just short of saying they want either SCO out or they would
leave.  It's clear SCO "struct a nerve" with _everyone_ in the Linux community.

Secondly, if you get past all the endless insults SCO made of Linux in their
brief, they _do_ have a _ligitmate_ complaint against IBM:  Project Monterey. 
The problem is that SCO felt it necessary to make all those factually and
technically _incorrect_ points about Linux, when they should have just focused
on the 4-5 that regarded IBM and Project Monterey directly.

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