UnitedLinux certification -- just let it go [please]

Ed Sawicki ed at alcpress.com
Wed Mar 12 16:40:27 EST 2003

I think you joined the wrong list. This is "lpi-discuss".
You want "lpi-my-opinion-is-the-only-one-that-counts".

On Wed, 2003-03-12 at 13:26, Bryan J. Smith wrote:
> Quoting Ed Sawicki <ed at alcpress.com>:
> > Is this intended to be an insult?
> No, because you obviously took it as an insult.
> My point was that grilling LPI over their offering a UnitedLinux specialty
> because of the actions of one UnitedLinux member is not only misguided, but
> argumentative.  It is quickly becoming obvious to me that there is no way LPI,
> who is associated with UnitedLinux, of which SCO is a member, will let you see
> otherwise.
> One of my major points is that LPI does not have the same "level" of
> relationship with SCO as SuSE does.  LPI does not sell or market a software
> product that one that SCO also sells and markets, unlike SuSE.
> > What's the basis for you thinking that I don't get it?
> Well, again, because you took it as an insult.  That was not my intent.  I only
> wanted to discourage any further discussion on this matter, because it doesn't
> look like it's going anywhere productive.
> > Is this the typical way you discuss things?
> I can't discuss something with a person who has already daemonized any
> association, even if indirect, with an entity they dislike.
> I've saw this with Adobe, Corel, Sun, etc...  It's not only wrong, but often
> leads to libel statements.
> If you don't like my statements, then ignore them.  You have free speech here. 
> While I'd like to see you drop this thread, you're free to continue it.
Ed Sawicki <ed at alcpress.com>

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