LPI discussion?

Jack Coates jack at monkeynoodle.org
Wed Mar 19 18:04:30 EST 2003

On Wed, 2003-03-19 at 14:32, Steve Brorens wrote:
> I subscribed, got an initail 'dose' of a dozen or so messages - then
> nothing. Have I been unsubed for some reason, or is the list broken?
>  - steve

It's a very very very quiet list. The occasional job posting, some
kvetching about the latest large-scale flamewar, maybe some murmuring
about new tests or certifications or "why doesn't LPI move the Great
Pyramid of Giza two inches to the right so I won't get sunburned if I
ever go to Egypt".
Jack Coates
Monkeynoodle: A Scientific Venture...

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